Friday, December 11, 2015

250,000 Vistors And Counting!

Break out the champagne once again! Today the Tinker's Workshop has hit another major milestone in the history of the blog.  Today I am proud to say that the quarter millionth visitor to the blog has checked out my latest posting!  Two hundred and fifty thousand visitors and still counting is amazing to me to say the least.
 When I started this blog I had to think for a couple of weeks about what I was going to write about in the blog and see if anyone would even be interested in what I had to talk about.  I thought if somebody out in this big world reads it..... then great!  If not then I'd move on to other interests and just skip the whole idea all together.  So to reach this many readers over the relative short time that the blog has been up and running has been nothing short of incredible. 
  To all of you I must say "Thank You!"  To have reached this many visitors in over 90 countries from around the world has been a real ego boost for me to say the least. In reaching this milestone it gives me great encouragement to continue on with the blog and the projects that I design, build and talk about.

I also find it interesting to  personally be in contact with so many people like you through comments and emails concerning what I have put together in the workshop and posted about on the blog. Again "Thank you for taking time out of your day to share what I love to do!"  You've made this tinker very happy with all of your visits and I look forward to hearing about your projects from many more of you in the future.

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