Sunday, December 20, 2015

Construction Has Started On The Captain America Ball Chair!

Several weeks ago I posted about the Captain America ball chair that I had planned to build.  Well over the past couple of days I finally started the construction of this great project and during the winter months hopefully will have ready for painting in the spring. 

These images I put together that I had posted about gives you a good idea of what the chair hopefully will end up looking like when the project is completed.  That's the plan anyway.

Since the time that these images were created the ball chair has been updated further to refine the construction and overall look of the chair. It is an ongoing process that will continue until I am happy that this project will be successful to the end.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I usually do when I create something new for the first time.  It's all a  learning process to be sure and a lot of fun along the way rolled all together.
To more easily explain how this chair will go together and show the first steps I have taken in it's construction I managed to put together this short video. In the video you will see some of the tools that I used to cut and shape the Styrofoam for the chair and start putting the first two sections of the chair together.  One tool that I have used a great deal while building Styrofoam fiberglass composite projects that you will see in the video is called a Hot Knife.  This tool is produced by a company named Hot Wire Foam Factory.  For more information about this tool and the company I have listed a link to their site below.  Enjoy the video.

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