Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Gremlins Have Hidden A Lot Of Stuff Over The Years!

  A lot of things have been happening over the past few days here at the Tinker's Workshop.  In an earlier post I let you know that I will be moving very soon to a new location in Wisconsin due to the loss of my garages at my current home.  Through all of this a lot of people behind the scenes have been busy pushing through all of the paperwork that goes on with buying a new home and while this has been happening I have been packing everything that I can and started dismantling the workshop. 
   Just the workshop alone has been a huge undertaking as I have had to do this all by myself.  A lot of work had to be done just in this portion of the house to get ready for the upcoming move.  I thought it interesting to see the workshop once again as I had found it almost 33 years ago.  Needless to say I stuffed a lot of tools into a very small space to make the workshop actually usable.  It has been surprising to a lot of people over the years as to how I managed to create what I did in such a small shop. To compare the way it looks now with everything dismantled and scattered about to how it looked beforehand take a look at the photos I took today and the Tinker's Workshop title photo when it was all together.  Quite a difference. 

A portion of my living room is slowly being swallowed up by over 30 packing boxes already filled with almost all the small items that come with moving my home and the workshop hand tools, miscellanous parts, hardware and power cords.  I'm just happy that I am not also moving belongings of four or five more people.

The workshop is slowly being dismantled and the space cleared of years of hidden dust, dirt, and lost screws and nuts.  The gremlins manage to hide a lot of missing screws and nuts over 33 years.

  This pile of parts was my CNC machine.  I was able to take it apart in sections and only had to disconnect one stepper motor cable for the move.  This will make things easier to move and reassembly of the machine an easy task.  I already have plans to update the CNC machine to improve the setup on the  cutting bed to a full T-slot table.  Possible making this out of aluminum.  I also have some ideas on how to level the cutting table easier and quicker than the original desing. I'll this update to the machine once I get this big move completed and the shop set up once again. 

This photo shows the work table and the work bench taken apart ready for moving day.  Every little thing that I can do now will save valuable time when moving day gets here and I can head to the new house and workshop space.  The current floor space of the workshop had one area that is 12' x 12' and another area 6' x 6'.  A grand total of 180 square feet of usable floor space.  Very small to say the least. The new workshop will have a floor space that is 13'6" x 20' plus a storage area that is 12'9" x 24'4".  This comes to 580.25 square feet of usable floor space.  Well over three times the work and storage space of the current shop.   I love it!

  I received word today that my loan for the new house and ultimately the new home of the Tinker's workshop has been approved!  Another call came today from my realtor to see if I could show my current home to a prospective buyer.  So as I said earlier a lot of things are happening here at the Tinker's Workshop.   Can't wait for it to all come together.  Check back again for more updates as I post them. 

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