Thursday, November 29, 2012

Preparing For The Big Move And Finding Inspiration On The Road

This week I have been making numerous trips to my new home that I will be moving into in a couple of days.  The number of trips so far has now reached number nine.  NINE!  This seems a bit much but will in the long run be a blessing on moving day.  Nearly everything that can be boxed and moved has already been done.  So all the big pieces of furniture, tools, scrap wood, half finished projects and remaining odds and ends will be what is left to move this coming Saturday.  This is the first time I have moved in almost 33 years so to go to a new house is a big adjustment for me.  Not including all the work that this has been to get ready for the move. 
  The plus side to all of this is a better home, a new chapter for my life, a whole new town and the Tinker's Workshop will be bigger and better once it is set up.  The new Tinker's Workshop will be a vast improvement over the original shop so I am looking forward to exciting projects that have been on the drawing table for a VERY long time just waiting for the right time to start building them. All of this is both exciting and scary at the same time.  It will all work out I have no doubt and so I continue to push forward on the prep for the move and the day when I can get back to building in my new and improved workshop. Just the setting up of the new Tinker's Workshop will be good for at least a few good posts on how to set up a sweet workshop. It will be fun for me as well as informative and entertaining for you.  So check back and I'll keep you up to date on my progress.
   Also with all my traveling this week from the soon to be old house to the new one I came across this billboard on my route that I just had to post a photo of for everyone to see, chuckle at, and possibly inspire you to follow your dream.   This is what I saw.  Live your dreams and you won't go wrong.  Keep tinkering!

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