Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Entertaining Destruction For My Thanksgiving

  As most of you have already seen on my blog I posted the loss of my garage space that was next to my house almost two months ago now.  A major fire had taken place in my garages that I had been renting and were destroyed along with some great projects, my motorcycle and Mini Cooper.  This as you can imagine has turned my world upside down to say the least.  
  Today was a good day at the Tinker's Workshop as the repair work was completed on my damaged home and the garages were torn down to top off the day.  I am here to say that I am glad the garages are finally being knocked down and removed as I have had to look at the devastation for these past two months every day I walk outside.  Not a nice thing to see or be reminded of over this time.  So without further rambling here are some photos I took today to show you how the mess is being cleaned up. The guy with the Bob-Cat was a real artist.  He could make that thing get up and dance. 

Here is a shot of what I have had to look at for the past couple of months.  Depressing to say the least.

The guy in the orange sweatshirt is the owner of this pile of rubble.  I would not want to trade places with him for anything.

Another shot of my garages or should I say the makings of another pile of rubble.







Strange to see the garages gone after looking at them for almost 33 years.  End of an era and lots of projects built in them over that time.  The really good thing now with the building knocked down is that it makes my home look that much better and I can even see down the street now from my kitchen window!  Improves the look of the entire neighborhood too. So there is a plus side to it after all.  With my moving to my new house in the coming weeks hopefully I can get this place sold in short order and move another step forward in my life.
  Yes this will be a Happy Thanksgiving for me here at the Tinkers Workshop and with this building (now rubble) being cleared away it's a very good start to the holiday weekend.  I hope you have a good turkey day as well!

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