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VW Beetle Interior

Tomorrowland Pin


 1967 Triumph GT6

 1967 Dodge Deora II Show Truck

1964 Porsche 356

Futurama Planet Express Stealth Ship (Image From TV Show)
Futurama Planet Express Stealth Ship (Blender 3D Image)


  1. Dave, I think you're a kindred spirit... love your work! And you're interested in all the same things I am... Velos, Electric vehicles, Flight, the Long EZ (Burt Rutan) -material & architectural presentation, 3 wheeled cars... hey, we gotta bring back the Aptera!

    If you don't mind, as I'm getting a sense of the breadth & expanse of your imagination and the things that inspire you, would you like to check out these two videos that may add to your sense of reality in terms of what is possible for vehicle propulsion? -And hey... let's network. I'm now part of the Maker movement in CT. I'm a (former) sub Electronics Technician, Navigation & currently and Architectural Engineer interested in energy efficient design, as well as being a serial inventor interested in flight.

    Check em out:

    1) Motorcycle with Hang glider... Imagine this on a lighter, electric assisted velomobile frame?
    This was done in 1998... with a 600cc motorcycle. There's something here. Imagine if the
    wing could fold?

    2) "Subo" the kayak submarine. Took the guy Olivier Feuillette 10 years to make it happen.
    He's known as a professional athlete in water sports... now implementing an awesome

    ** Imagine if these two concepts were put together into a lightweight vehicle that could be
    pedled or have electric propulsion for air, land, or sea? This is an ambition of mine.
    I'm in talks with a few design engineers but would love your resources, some networking,
    and creativity to see what's possible.


    Phil Huerter

  2. I'm impressed! I use blender as well to flesh out my trike design, but I'm not as good as you are! How long approx. for one of the vehicles to be completed?

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks for the kind words about the things I manage to put together using Blender. On average it takes me around 100 hours to create one of the vehicles such as the Bugatti or the VW Bug. This number can easily reach 150+ hours depending on what you do with the lighting and background in the project. The images I have here on the blog are what I've put together over 15 years so you can see how much I've progressed over that time. It takes practice and I'm still learning new things with it and having fun along the way.