Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good News For The Tinker's Workshop

  If you have been following my blog at least over the past couple of months you know what I have been going through here trying to put the pieces together after the major fire destroyed my garages and a lot of great projects.  This is now in the past and good things have been happening rather quickly because of the what has happened.
  I now have my house up for sale and already have found the new house and future location of the improved Tinker's Workshop.  The Tinker's Workshop will be online as long as I have a following that wants to see what I am up to with the projects that I work on.  So this move will be huge for the me to start over after the fire and a plus for the blog site.  Lots of great projects have been on hold for years simply because I did not have the room in the workshop to start construction or have the place to store what I want to build.  So with all of this in mind here is the good news about the new place for the shop and my home.
  The new workshop that I am planning will be three times larger than the one that I currently have in my house now.  (As my workshop in my basement now is only about 12 feet square.  VERY small.) That is plus number one.  Secondly in the new location for the first time in my life I will have my own 24 x 24 foot two car garage.  This opens up all kinds of possibilities for future projects that as I've said have been on hold for years.  Like building a full sized electric three wheeled car that I built a model of a couple of months ago on my Makerbot 3D printer. (See earlier posts of this project). Or building a custom built teardrop trailer which would look excellent at any camp site. (See Blender 3D Creations link on this blog).  Or a custom built composite fiberglass micro catamaran sailboat. I also have several projects that will be perfect for my new 1/4 acre back yard.  My current back yard is only 20 feet square so 1/4 acre  will be like living on an estate!  It will be great to be able to build another big project at the new location and not bump into something every step of the way.
  So out of all the hassles with the insurance company and losses that I have had to endure during the past couple of months there will be some really good stuff that will come out of the mess.  At this point the smile has returned once again to my face and the prospect of getting a chance to work on projects that yesterday I thought were only long lost dreams give me great hope for the future of the Tinker's Workshop and my sanity.  Yes I do believe someone is watching over me and also is smiling! As always I will never stop tinkering and so should you.  Stay tuned for more updates on the move and new projects that will be in the works.

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