Thursday, May 2, 2013

The New Fridge Calendar Is Slowly Taking Shape

Today has been another long session of printing 3D parts for the Fridge Calendar project. Twelve hours to be exact.  A total of 100 parts will be needed to complete this project and at this point I am only up to part number forty-three.  This is what it looks like so far.

 It looks great already but printing the same parts over and over gets old very quickly.  Each of the smaller blue and red rectangular pieces  are the same and take 22 minutes each to print using my 3D printer.  The larger rectangular red pieces will display the months for the calender once I have the white inserts made.  These larger pieces take 34 minutes each to print so I am more than happy that I only have eight more to go.  Then on to the inserts for all the pieces.  Luckily each of these are different and will make this portion of the project a bit more interesting.  

The upper photo shows what the new calendar will look like once it is completed and the lower photo is what I have on my fridge right now. The new design looks a lot more up to date with the rectangular design and is a third of the weight of the original design.  Another thing that will be good with the new design is that the numbers and letters are all the same size as the original design but because of the new shape the amount of space that is need to display the calendar is reduced in size.  Hopefully I will complete this project by the weekend and I can get it put up on my fridge at that point.  I'll also keep a running tally of the hours I have on this project and be able to tell you the total cost to make this unusual calendar then too. Check back here to see the finished project. 

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