Monday, May 6, 2013

Updated Fridge Calendar Project Completed

Another great project was completed this afternoon at the Tinker's Workshop.  If you have not been following along you can catch up now with this post of the Fridge Calendar project that I just put the finishing touches on.

The design looks great with the new look of the rectangular pieces shown here. 

Here is a good shot of the original design along with the new improved design.  The new version has almost the same number size, smaller over all size, and three times less weight. Plus the months can be displayed not too.

Here's a good shot of all the pieces that are needed for the perpetual fridge calendar. 100 pieces in all were needed to be printed and put together for the project. 

There are 162 total pieces to make the calendar which includes the printed parts and the magnets that are mounted on the back of each piece. These pieces were Super Glued on to the back of each piece from a magnetic roll after cutting them to size with a scissors.  There were 100 pieces to print on my 3D printer in the project which took 36.5 hours to do.  Then add at least another 25-30 hours design time and the project got to be a lot bigger than it looks.  I think the effort was worth it in the end.  Not that I would begin to duplicate this project to start selling them any time soon.  I would think a mold would be the order of the day as it would be a lot cheaper and faster to produce. No matter what this will make a nice addition to my kitchen that my visitors can enjoy as much as I do now. 

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