Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CNC Enclosure Back Together Again....... With Doors!

A long day in the shop has been worth the effort with the CNC enclosure put back together again now with the new doors installed.  It took me some time to get the doors aligned properly on all the enclosure frames, windows in the front door installed and the entire enclosure put back together again. I was glad that I had laid out the framework before hand and had pre-installed it on the stand. This made the assembly with the doors simpler to do by myself. 

The CNC enclosure looks great with the doors all in place now.  The front windows worked out perfectly with no fuss to install them.

This is a good shot of the interior of the enclosure.  Lots of light coming from the ceiling light which  hopefully will be all that I will need to see what I am machining once I get my CNC machine up and running again. You can also see the triangular pieces of wood that hold the windows in place.  These are simply screwed into place without glue so that heaven forbid that I should ever have to replace a window all I need to is unscrew the mountings.

  Another good shot of the entire enclosure.  The platform below the enclosure will hold the electronics to run the CNC machine and also will be a nice place for other items to be stored in the shop.  I may enclose the lower platform as well just to keep things cleaner while working in the shop. Something to think about later on down the line.  In the mean time I will be working on part seven of the video sequence to complete the CNC enclosure and then on to updating my CNC machine so that it will work with the enclosure.  I'll post the new video once I get it shot and put together for viewing here.  Stay tuned and keep on tinkering!

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