Monday, January 29, 2018

Becca's Bathtub....Make That Becca's Enclosure Pt 2

More projects are back on track once again this week with work progressing nicely with my friend Becca Kacanda who has been continuing working on a fiberglass project that she started last November.  Like me she was side tracked because of the holidays and so she is moving forward on this project once again and I am helping her to learn this new way of making things with fiberglass mold-less composite construction.

Here's Becca with the latest progress that she has made on the project a few days ago.  She had finished putting on the foam strips on the enclosure which will be one of five that she has planned in the coming months. I think I was just as excited as she was about the progress that she had made on this portion of the build.  The outer lip of the enclosure was shaped using additional foam Styrofoam strips to lay down the shape that Becca wanted and then a filler layer of fiberglass resin and a micro-balloon mixture to make the white filler you see in the photo above.  The resin putty mixture was laid down to smooth out the stepped layers of Styrofoam.  In the process she learned how to add these strips along with mixing large batches of resin/putty and lay it all down smoothly.  She did a great job first time out.  She'll be able to teach my fiberglassing class no problem when she finishes this project.

  In the next couple of days I will help Becca with more prep work to get the enclosure ready to be fiber-glassed.  Once the fiberglass has been added to the structure and cured then Becca will do her thing which is more artistic in nature and I will have to learn from her at that point.  She works with collage materials.... glass, paper, photos, pennys, bits and pieces is the best way I can describe it.  I will just have to see what she comes up with once she gets that far along with this project.  I will stay in touch with her along the way and keep you updated on her progress.  
  At this point it looks like a little boat instead of something that will be artistically pleasing that will end up in a art gallery.  Just like half of the projects I build they can take several forms before the project has been completed. Either way it should be interesting to see how it all turns out.  I also told Becca with most of my projects it has to get ugly before it gets pretty. This applies to this project as well but so far both of us like what we are seeing. I will keep you up to date on Becca's enclosure project as she moves forward.   Have a good one!

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