Wednesday, January 3, 2018

British Sportscar Artwork Is Where I Started Drawing Cars

Over 20 years ago I started creating pen and ink drawings of British sports cars. My reasoning behind this was the fact that I owned one for many years and simply could not get a drawing of my car.  No one did them. Or at least at the time I could not find anyone that made drawings of British sports cars. So I drew my car and members of the car club I was in at the time were so impressed with my work that they to wanted their cars drawn.  This led to starting my own business and producing prints of ten different British cars. This then led to t-shirts. Then to color t-shirts. Then finally to clocks.  

I was in business to be sure as I was shipping my products world-wide!  I made some nice cash at the time for all of the work that I did. After seven years of running the business I said that was enough and I closed up my little home business and moved on to other interests.  

I don't regret running the business and I had a lot of fun creating the artwork for it.  So I was happy to check it off of my bucket list and go from there. I still have all of the original artwork and even some of the t-shirts stashed away.  

With this in my past I always thought since I am writing for this blog that it would make a good post to show you what I created all those years ago. The only problem was I did not have the artwork saved on my computer that was clear enough to post it without it looking to put it bluntly..... like crap.   This changed over the past week or so when I was fortunate enough to find my original computer files that are still bright and clear to show the detail and effort that I put into each of my drawings at the time. Each car took roughly 24 hours to create and were hand drawn on mylar film in ink. I am rather proud of my early work in drawing cars and so with that in mind I wanted to show you them today in this post. Click on the images below for a larger view and enjoy.

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