Thursday, January 11, 2018

Progress Over The Years..... My Automobile Artwork

I am not a full time artist. At least this is not something that I do on a daily basis or even a weekly basis for that matter. I enjoy drawing automobiles and started when I was in grade school.  If someone at that time had told me that I could have made a living at drawing cars it would have changed my life no doubt. I have done well for myself over the past 60+ years of my life and am very happy with what I have managed to accomplish and am still working on in my retirement.  But drawing cars has always been one of my passions that I always end up going back to from time to time.  With that in mind I thought you (the reader of this post)  might light to see just a small example of my progress over the years.  In my last post I had shown you the pen and ink artwork that I created with my British sportscar artwork business.

This is one example of the artwork that I created over 20 years ago for my British sportscar business. I started with drawings like this which later were converted to make t-shirts.  Each drawing took around 24 hours to create.
Later on in the business I started creating full color drawings of my cars. I am rather proud of this MGTC that I made during that time and so the business grew because of my efforts. Again another 24 hours were needed to change or create new drawing of my cars to full color with shadows and reflections that looked even more realistic. This was in the early 2000's at this point in the business.

I went from line drawings to t-shirts and later on to clocks that I was shipping worldwide.  I even made some nice money along the way. A labor of love to be sure. After seven years I closed up shop and moved on to other projects.

From this point I created artwork of my own cars once again. The Mini Cooper artwork shown above I made for a poster that is hanging in my workroom still today.  It was a great car and I am happy to have owned it and have a nice drawing to show it off.

Now as you can see I am still creating automobile artwork. Only this time it's full 3D computer graphics.  I still have a passion with creating automobile art and I guess I always will. Each of the 3D computer graphic vehicles above took roughly 100 hours to create. It would have been excellent to be able to create this level of artwork when I started, but back then computers and software for drawings were still in the stone ages compared to what is available today.

Each of the styles that I've created over the years have their own following. The next step would be to start creating automobile artwork for virtual reality. Something to think about as my son is deep into this tech with his own business creating new virtual reality video games and running his own virtual reality arcade.

Anyway I thought you'd like to see where I started and where I am now with my artwork efforts. I hope you enjoy my creations and the labor of love that went into making each style for my business.  Maybe you will find a passion in your life and never let it die also.  If you can also make a few dollars along the way it is just icing on the cake too. 

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