Saturday, February 3, 2018

A New 50's Space Gun..... The Space Patrol Pistol

I have been working on a new 50's style toy space gun this past week and I am getting close to starting construction on it.  With the help of Fusion 360 CAD software I was able to dial in 95 percent of the design.  With my second design I borrowed from an image that I found online to start the work and then went from there.

The image above I pulled up from Shutterstock online. I liked the design and then produced the larger image that you see pictured above.  The larger image I used to lay out the actual CAD parts in Fusion 360.  It was a good place to start and gave me some direction.

It took me a while to figure out a design that I could actually assemble.  All of the parts for the new pistol will be 3D printed except for the clear disks on the front of the gun and metal hardware and decals and will take some time to complete as there will be quite a few parts that will need to be sanded smooth and then painted to match the image that you see above. 

Here is an early image that I created using Fusion 360 as the pistol's grip had not been completed yet as you can see here.  I like the decal that is on the right side of the pistol but I was not sure that I could create it.  This happens from time to time when designing something.  So I will had to come up with something else for that side of the pistol. 

With some tricky design work in Fusion 360 I was able to create this new design that will serve the purpose very well.  It is an embossed image of the spaceship that will 3D print equally as well. When I set up the part to 3D print it the perimeter of the power panel will be face down on the print bed.  This will make the spaceship image to be on the top of the part and should print out perfectly.  That is the plan anyway.  I think I have a good shot at it anyway. Once I have the body of the pistol painted yellow I will hand paint the embossed spaceship black.  The interior of the design for the spaceship could also be painted but for now the outer edges of the spaceship looks good at this point. 

A lot with any of my designs I find that the little details mean a lot.  I changed the red dish at the front of the pistol to include lightening holes, have mulita-colored disks and a black ball. I also had to work out the power panel and control knob so that I could 3D print it into the body of the pistol.  The real challenge in the assembly was how to hold everything all together. The yellow body of the pistol to the very tip of the pistol needed to be sorted out.  This will have a threaded rod running through the front portion of the body to the very tip.  Then in order to hold this assembly of eleven different parts it will be bolted into the body using two button head bolts on either side of the body with nuts inserted into the assembly.

Here's a good side view of the new toy space pistol.  I had changed the grip for this pistol from my first design that I completed in early December (The Scrooch Gun) and made the grip longer and not as tipped forward so it will fit my hand a bit better.  The pistol roughly is 9" tall, 13.5" long, and 4.25" wide when I have it competed.

A good top view of the pistol.  I should be able to get the real pistol put together very close to what you see here as long as I take my time with smoothing out the parts and taking care to paint them like what you see here.

Front and back views of the pistol. 

And finally here is a bottom view of the pistol.  This will be a interesting toy to put together.  I plan on making one more design after this one so that I can mount three pistols together to put on display in my workroom.  I'll keep you updated as I start making parts for this pistol and the work that is involved in making what you see here come to life. Stay tuned for more posts about this interesting toy design.

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