Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blender 3D VW Bus Project Has Started

Between various projects that I have been working on here at my house that I've put off for way to long and the major road construction that is also taking place on my street I've started my next Blender 3D modeling project.  What you see here is a very good start to a 1960's era VW Samba bus.  Since my VW Bug project turned out so well I thought I would do the VW  bus this time around and see if I can do it justice as well.  The bus as you can tell is way different to model than the VW Beetle.  Even while planning this Blender model I've had to rethink my process for modeling it completely compared to the Bug.  This being because the bus has two different sides to the body.  On the drivers side there is only the drivers door.  On the passengers side of the vehicle there is the front door and also two more side doors for the rear passengers. I plan on modeling the interior once again in this model and I want to have these side doors open to get a better view of what is inside.  That is the plan anyway. 

  The image above as I've said is a good start but like any project it all takes time and Blender is no exception in this case.  It has taken me 13 hours just to model what you see here and I suspect that this model like the VW Bug will be a minimum of 100 hours to complete.  Another challenging project that will be fun to figure out using Blender. 

  Some of the parts like the wheels and tires I can borrow from the VW Bug and I think it will look just fine.  I want to keep this model as true to the original vehicle as I possibly can.   It pays to do the research and I've found some good photos online for this purpose.  One feature that I want to put into this model is the front windows that open outward for ventilation.  Also I am thinking about having the sun top roof open as well.  So I've got my work or should I say my play laid out for me.    

  Another note about creating what you see here.  If you'd like to be able to make your own Blender models of your favorite cars I highly recommend purchasing the DVD from CGMasters "Car Modeling and Texturing" by Christopher Plush.  This DVD can be purchased from the website and it has gotten me started making what you have seen already with my 1927 Bugatti and the 1963 VW Beetle that I've posted about a couple of months back.  Well worth the money with easy to follow instructions on how to create what you see here. Lots of info and lots of fun to work with.  Plus I am learning a lot of new things by working through the DVD to make these vehicles. So check it out when you can find the time. I'll post more about this project as I get farther along with it to keep you up to date on how it is coming together.  

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