Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blender 3D VW Bus Project Part 3

There is an expression that has been around for decades.  That being "Clothes make the man".  In the case of my Blender 3D VW Bus it's more like "Wheels make the van".  So is the case with the third installment with my creation of this great looking vehicle. 

I was able to copy the wheels and tires from my Blender 3D VW Bug project and bring them into this model.  This saved me a good amount of time trying to recreate something that I already had completed.  The wheels and tires really set off the vehicle already and I'm not even close to completing this project. 

Along with the wheels and tires I've added the rear louvers for engine compartment at the rear quarter panels.  This was one of the easier tasks to do as it was simply a matter of making one louvered shape and then duplicating it for the set.  Then the entire set was mirrored over to the passenger side of the body to complete the task.  Turned out very well for a little bit of effort. 

The black and chrome trim that runs around the complete body took a little figuring out to do.  This being because of the dis-similar sides of the body.  With the additional passenger doors on the passenger side of the body the trim needed to be made up in several section to allow for the door seams that the body has. Once I found a good shape for the chrome trim it was just a matter of duplicating it over and over for each section of the body.  Only the trim on the front and rear corners of the vehicle were mirrored to get it to match on both sides of the body.  Not a difficult task but like any car model it is time consuming.  What you see here has now come up to 23 hours of work..... or again I should say "play". 

 The lighting in the second picture works out very well for the project and most likely will be used in the final renders for this project.  Lots to do yet before I get there but I am making progress and liking what I've been able to create so far.  I hope you agree with that thought.  Enjoy the images.  More to come soon.

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