Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blender 3D VW Bus Project Part 4

This installment of the Blender 3D VW Bus project brings the addition of the windows for the vehicle.  With Blender's Cycles render engine the glass sky reflections in the images really shines (no pun intended).  

Taking another four hours to complete this portion of the model it has transformed the vehicle further with the installation of the glass and framing. Since the VW bus has so many windows that are exactly alike it has sped up this process a bit in creating all of the windows and the hardware that goes along with them.  I first started with the black rubber seals that go around the outer perimeter.  I then duplicated the first one and made adjustments as needed for each window opening.  Then came the chrome outer frame for the windows and finally the glass. 

A lot of detail can still be put into the windows as there are no hardware that is normally added to a functional window such as hinges and window locks.  This is obvious on the front opening windshields.  There is a small set of arms that support the tilted windshields when they are open.  I will have to do some more research as to what these arms look like to get it the way I want.  Also the first three windows just to the rear of the driver's door have windows that open as well.  I'll have to look at this and see if I want this to be shown in the model.  Why go through the effort only to find that it is not something that I think will look good in the first place. 

Lots of trim is still missing on the outside of the body at this point. I have to work on the cover for the sun roof, front headlights, bumpers, door handles, hinges and the list goes on from there. Again with the side door on the passenger side I have not decided if I want these doors to be open or stay closed at this point.  I have it modeled so that this option is an easy matter or just rotating the doors open or closed. I will have to look in to this as well.  

Then I'm not even looking at the final lighting and what the rest of the image will look like that does not even relate to the vehicle itself. I know for sure that I want to do something more than have a white flat floor that the bus is parked on.  Just not enough detail for sure. Usually with any model with this much detail in it I will spend hours just working on the lighting to get it the way I want.  I could have the vehicle parked out side with the lighting similar to what you see here or have it on display in a dealership showroom.  Some ideas to think about anyway.  A total of 29 hours is the count now for this project.  Time well spent. Enjoy the fruits of my efforts with this latest installment.

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