Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Tinker's Workshop.... A Work In Progress

Since the blizzard here in the Midwest has me snowed in today I thought I would post a couple more photos of the work that I've completed on the new Tinker's Workshop.  

The ceiling panels slid into place without a lot of hassle so here is how it turned out.  I know that the green paneling is disgusting and that will be on the list of things that will still need to be changed in the workshop along with the removal of the carpeting.  Luckily the carpet had not been glued to the concrete floor so this will be an easy task to just roll up and drag out.

These panoramic views of the workshop give you a good idea as to how big the new space really is.  It will really start taking shape once I can get the wall and new doorway by the steps put in and the double door at the other end of the shop.  Step by step I'm getting closer to my dream shop.

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