Sunday, December 16, 2012

And The Shop Lights Were Hung From The Joists With Care....

In the hopes that Saint Nicholas would show up and finish the job.  LOL.   Sorry it just had to be said. 
  I finished the insulating of the workshop and the rest of my basement this week and got started on planning out the layout of the new lights for the workshop. The ten shop lights mounted between the joists with out a lot of hassle.  I like that.  Always good news when a plan comes together without much of any trouble.

Here are the pile of lights that are desperately needed in the new Tinker's Workshop.  I choose T8 lights that are more efficient.  This and the fact that they were only $10 a light was a good deal for the budget.

To mount the lights I used eyelets screwed into the inside of the joists to to hold a light weight chain.  This chain had a weight limit of ten pounds and since I needed one chain to hold both ends of the lights it would be plenty strong to do the job.

Another mounting chain was then looped over each cross chain and hooked on to both ends of each light. With this loop I then could easily adjust the placement of the light so that they would be centered in the suspended ceiling framework.   

 The cords for the lights were left hanging down at this point until the outlets can be installed to plug them in.  This will be the next task on the build along will more power outlets for the tools in the workshop.

In this shot you can see most of the newly installed lights along with one of two heat ducts that will keep the workshop nice a warm during the cold winter months.  I will have to track down a cover for the ducts so that it will finish off the suspended ceiling nicely.  This and also regulate how much heat I want to enter into the workshop at any given time.  Right now the shop is plenty warm enough to work in without having to wear winter clothing to stay warm.  So one less thing to fuss with.  I'll keep you up to date on the new workshop renovation progress as I keep plugging along on it so stay tuned for further news and photos.   

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