Friday, August 19, 2016

Hydrofoil Concept Modeled In Blender 3D

I was trying to track down some files on my computer today and came across a Blender 3D model that I created awhile back that I had not posted about.  This being a high tech looking hydrofoil that has been bouncing around in my brain for years.  I thought I better get this posted before it slips my mind again and so here it is.

This is my vision of what my dream hydrofoil would look like.  With all of the car models that I've created using Blender I thought this would be another good subject to try my hand on since the process of making the model is very similar.  In the photos above you can see the foils of course along with the rear view of the jet-ski water drive.  The water would be drawn in from the front of the main fin in the rear of the craft and then shoot out the back.  That's the theory anyway.  The craft would be steered by the twin rudders also at the rear with a front wing  to level the craft while "In Flight" so to speak. I think also that the front wing would have to also pivot to make smooth coordinated turns.

These two shots are what the craft would look like sitting in the water.  Even with these views it looks to be an interesting idea.  The enclosed canopy would keep you dry and I suspect that even the canopy could be partially removed while in operation on warm sunny days.  Otherwise it would be pretty hot inside unless you had air conditioning (not likely).  I would have to do some investigating into how a hydrofoil works exactly and even then figure out the correct controls to even get a model version of this up and running.  If I did put together a model of this I would want it to be at least three feet long.  With my fiber glassing skills I think it is something I will have to look into creating at least in model scale anyway. Just an idea for some time in the future.  Enjoy the Blender images and if you have any ideas about this concept I'd like to hear from you.  Have a good one!

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