Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Day.... Another Blender 3D Car...... 1964 Porsche 356

Being kind of between projects in the shop this week I thought I might as well try and tackle modeling another favorite car of mine in Blender 3D.  The past couple of days I have accomplished more than I thought I would on this great little classic and I am never one to just hold on to everything until the last minute so once again I am sharing my creative side.

(Click the images for a larger view)

As you can see I've got a pretty good start on this Blender car model already.  Starting to look like a "356" anyway so that is always a good sign.  I was able to reuse the tires that I had on my last Blender car model and from there work out the rims and hub caps. This saves me a bunch of work by doing so.  

With most cars that I look at to model in Blender 3D I always seem to find some little detail that I never thought I would have a problem with give me more problems than I could imagine.  This being the case with the rear fenders and the front hood alignment on this car.  It looks good now but hours ago I had to do some major fussing to finesse the problem areas into shape. 

  It is artwork and like most people who draw, paint, create, build or in my case create Computer 3D images such as this one, we are always our own worst critics.  I always research online for photos of vehicles that I model to help me better understand the small details or the way a vehicle looks at different angles to get it to look just right.  Or at least as right as I can get it anyway.

  The Porsche 356 model here as I've said is a good start and I have a lot to do yet to get all those little details put in correctly for the finished images that I am looking for.  It's a labor of love to be sure simple because I will never be able to afford half of the vehicles I model using Blender.  But it's nice to come this close and share what I can manage to create with everyone that follows my blog.  

  I'll post the completion of the Porsche once I get it to my liking.  In the meantime enjoy this little preview and have a good day on your current project too!

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