Friday, August 5, 2016

Five Millionth Visitor To My Blog On Google+ Today!

Hello Everyone!

  In a little less then five years my blog has progressed farther than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams with the link to Google+ the number of visitors has now exceeded five million!  To all of my readers I wish to thank you for making this moment in the history of my blog a grand one.  I started the blog in September of 2011 just as kind of an experiment.  I thought at the time if someone should read the blog at all my response would be in one word "Great" and if no one read the blog I would scratch it off my bucket list and move on to something else considering it a lost cause from the start.  Instead it has become something a lot larger than I could ever have imagined having reached five million visitors in over 96 countries! 
  I have heard from a lot of people from around the world with comments and questions about the projects that I either build in the shop or created on my computer.  With this kind of response over the years it gives me even more incentive to create bigger and better projects to share with everyone.  So with heart felt appreciation I am sending you this posting and hope that you will all continue to follow along on my journey of creativity, discovery and learning. All of you make this process worth my efforts.

Thank You!

Dave Langkamp
The Tinker's Workshop

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