Friday, May 8, 2015

Blender 3D 1963 VW Beetle Is Nearing The Finish Line

Long and happy hours of work have rewarded me with great progress on my 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Blender 3D project.  More research had to be uncovered online to figure out what bumper mounts were correct for the model along with simple things like the window trim and radio antenna.

As you can see from this photo above the detail that I have in the computer model has turned out very well.  I am surprised that I was able get everything as correct as it is so it is a good day for my Blender 3D efforts. 

I had to figure out the bumper mounts from all the photos that I had found online.  I did remember that my older brother had a 1959 Bug and the rear bumper did stick out like what you see here.  Mainly because it had to so that the rear engine hood could be opened up for servicing.  With these photos you can see the remaining work that I still need to do to complete the computer model.  There is no interior at all yet in the vehicle so that is my next order of business.  I have complete photos of the dash, seats, and door panels so hopefully it will not be a big deal to get everything put in and to the correct scale for the model.  Once all of this is completed I will start working on something a bit more interesting for the rest of the images other than a white semi-reflective floor.  I will have to ponder on this a bit to come up with something before my final post on this project.  Stay tuned for the final update once I've got everything modeled to my satisfaction. In the meantime enjoy the latest updated photos.

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