Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blender 3D 1963 VW Beetle In Progress

After having completed my Blender 3D Bugatti project I was in need of another interesting challenge. This has brought me to my latest endeavour. 

 I have been working on this model of a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle over the past week or better now.  I have never owned one of these cute little cars but like the Bugatti am getting an interesting close up look at what makes an early Bug tick. 

As you can see from this view of my Blender model of the Bug I have gotten quite a ways with my efforts in it's creation so far.  As with anything the more you work on something new the more you learn and get better at. In Blender I am learning new things along the way which helps my modeling and improves my knowledge of this great software. 

The next step in this model will be to finish up the outside of the car with bumpers, wipers, windows, etc.  After that will come the task of making the interior.  Luckily I have come across a vast amount of photos online of this car so it gives me a lot of good reference material to work with.  Like the Bugatti model that I completed the Bug will also have a large amount of hours put into it. I suspect that it will be in excess of 100 hours once I have completed it to my satisfaction.  But this is just a guess at this point as I have not tracked the hours for this Blender model. Once I have the Blender Bug completed I'll put out another post on how it all went and let you see how it all looks. 

  For more information about Blender 3D software go to their site listed here.  The software is free and I have been using it for around 15 years now without any problems of it hurting my computer. It also runs on all kinds of computers from a PC to Apple and then some so whatever you have for a system it will run on it. Great fun to create what you see here and there are also a ton of tutorials online to get you started making your own masterpiece.  Try it out and see what you can create!

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