Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cedar Rapids Iowa Mini Maker Faire Part One

Today I was in Cedar Rapids Iowa for their third annual Mini Maker Faire.  I have attended this fair since it started and this year I decided not to display what I have been posting on my blog but rather take my video camera along and talk with some of the other participants and see what they have been designing and making.  I want to give a big thank you to my friends Ben and Keith from the QC-Colab makerspace from Davenport Iowa who helped me shoot the video that I have posted here.  Without their help this would have not been possible.
  The Maker Faire this year was in a different location than where it was held last year and so it was a new experience for me once again to attend this event.  I really enjoyed being able to talk to many more people than I had in previous years simply because I was not manning a booth showing off what I had created.  So the one and a half hour trip from my home in Wisconsin to Cedar Rapids was worth the time and gave me a chance to do some cruising in my Mini Cooper on a nice warm spring day at the same time.

  The interviews that we had shot gave me enough material to put together two separate videos .  Below you will find the YouTube link to part one of these interviews and I think you will find them interesting to see.  Some very creative makers were at the fair again this year so I am happy to be able to share the experience with you.  Once I have part two edited I will post it as well.  This should be in the next day or so.  In the meantime enjoy part one.

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