Friday, November 1, 2013

New TerraTrike Velomobile Blender Images

With all of my projects that I build, I like to know what it will look like before it is completed.  This is especially true with the TerraTrike velomobile project.  I have been refining the computer model and have it pretty well dialed in now with the rear of the vehicle designed the way I want it to look.  With the help of Blender 3D software I am able to take my computer model and refine it further to get a realistic looking image.  

All of the images of the TerraTrike velomobile that I have posted over the past months did not have the rear of the vehicle completely modeled.  With further refinements to the shape of the front end the new images that you see here are much more correct so I can be more confident that you will have a better idea of how the project will look once I have completed it.  Pretty slick don't you think?

This is a good view of the rear end of the velomobile with all of the lights in the correct locations.  It is a very close approximation of how the vehicle will look once it is done.  I am still working on graphics for the vehicle and I  have more than enough time to get this worked out before it is ready for the road.  

This image is a possible variation on my velomobile design with an enclosed roof for the vehicle.  I am still playing around with this idea and as you can see the look would also be pretty impressive.  

As you can see from this image the rear lights were not yet put together in the computer model.  Even without the rear lights the vehicle has a pretty racy look to it.  The roof for the enclosed velomobile would have to be installed over top of the front hood.  Not an impossible task.  It just would take me some time to work out the design.  Still just an idea in my head and parts of it in my computer. The hardest thing I have to figure out is the wrap around windshield and how to make it.  The roof for the enclosed version of the velomobile would be nice on cold drives.  Something to work on after I get everything else put together.  Stay tuned for further developments.  

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  1. I think you wind up with a loss of aero with that 'fast' of a drop in the vertical surface after your head. In your current build the blister behind your head closes out in better shape - I would try to tie into that.