Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finally Photos Of Me In My TerraTrike Velomobile

With the Thanksgiving holiday I was happy to spend some time with my son who I rarely get to see and show off the progress of my TerraTrike velomobile project.  Eric (my son) was quite impressed by my handiwork and so I finally had a camera at the ready to shoot some photos of me in the drivers seat.

 Here I am in the drivers seat.  I haven't even gotten the velomobile down the road yet and already I have a big smile on my face.

With me in the drivers seat you get a much better idea of the scale of the vehicle.  I am only 5'8 and of average build and I fill the cockpit just about right.  Just enough room for my shoulders to fit inside.  Eric who is closer to six foot tall and a weight and size to match had a hard time sitting in this obvious custom build vehicle.  I'd have to design a large vehicle for him if he ever wanted one.

This shot gives you a good view of the placement of the speedometer and the leg room that is inside the vehicle.  I was also able to take a look at some possible problem areas that I need to address before I actually take it out on the street.  One of the front wheels has a clearance issue that I will eliminate in the next day or so.

This is a good shot of me sitting inside the vehicle and the tight quarters that make up the interior.  All in all I am happy with how it is all coming together and what little I have to do to fix the minor issues that showed up today while I was inspecting the fit up of me in the drivers seat.  This is all expected so it really is no surprise to me at all.  The sweat shirt says it all and as usual it puts a smile on my face with this project. 

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