Saturday, September 28, 2013

TerraTrike Velomobile Project..... Slow And Steady Progress

The last couple of days have brought slow and steady progress to the velomobile project.  I completed skinning of the majority of the body and also laid down fiber glass into the inner lower sections of body.  Just this morning I glassed just one side of the lower bottom section of the body.  This alone took 2 1/2 hours time.

With the completion of installing most of the foam strips on to the velomobile framework, the body now is really shaping up nicely. I had to put the body up on saw horses at this point to be able to get inside the rear section of the body to do the fiber glassing on the lower section.  It made the task just a little easier. 

Everything looks nice and straight in these photos and so it will be an easy task to sand the body out when it comes time to put the outer fiber glass on.  The nose of the velomobile is still quite stubby at this point and is on my list of things that need to be done yet on the project to get the shape just the way I want it. 

With the body of the velomobile up on saw horses I could not resist getting photos of it to show all of you how good it looks with almost all of the skin now on it. With the body up this high it is a bit deceiving as it looks much bigger than it actually is.  I measured it and at this point it is 7.5 feet long, 34 inches wide and 32 inches tall.  I will end up stretching out the body to an even 8 feet by the time I am done with it but for now it is getting to be quite an impressive piece of engineering.  At this point slow and steady progress is far greater than no progress at all.   Time once again to put my tools down for the day and smile. Enjoy the photos.

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