Thursday, September 26, 2013

TerraTrike Velomobile Project Continues.... 236 Hours And Counting

I have been blessed once again today with terrific weather to work in my garage on the Terratrike Velomobile project.  The skinning of the body is still moving along with the addition of the strips needed to complete the rear underside of the body today.  

The body of the velomobile once again has been turned upside down to add the outer foam strips to the rear of the structure.   I have the interior of the body completely fiber glassed now so that the rest of the strips could continue to be added to the build.

The shape as you seen is very smooth and I am very pleased with the progress that I have been able to make on it in such a short time. The body is resting on small strap cradles that keep the styrofoam from being damaged and the body of the velomobile off of the floor.  This then is covered in plastic sheeting so I do not mess up my garage floor with glue and fiber glass resin.  It all works out very well.

To add the rear strips to the framework today took around four hours time.  Lots of cutting and fitting had to be done to get all the pieces glued in place nicely. It's like a big jig saw puzzle except you have to make your own pieces. If the hot glue gun could glue the parts on instantly the time to put the foam strips on could be reduced greatly.  But as I have to hold the parts in place until the glue cools it adds a lot of time to the build.

This is a good shot of the inside rear of the body. Lots of framing is needed to get this nice shape. All of it is styrofoam and fiber glass.  Quite strong and light weight. This is where my computer work has paid off to get this far with the accuracy needed to make such a shape. 

I will be adding the foam strips to the front of the body next and then the rest of the glassing on the inside of the body can be completed.  I also have the rear flashing tail lights figured out and plans set for the completion of the rear of the velomobile. This being the addition of more foam and fiber glass to round out the tail end and set the mount for the rear lights.  But for now the body will have to be completed inside so that final shaping can take place on the outside.  Lots and lots of work to do yet before I can get set to have it on the road.  Total hours with the work I completed today comes to 236. So the hours are stacking up.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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