Thursday, September 12, 2013

TerraTrike Velomobile Framework Is On The Chassis!

I had a few little things to do on the framework of the TerraTrike Velomobile project this morning and I was rewarded for my efforts with the first trial fit up of the framework to the chassis late this afternoon.  I am very pleased with what I see so far in the alignment of the body to the chassis so all is going according to plan with the project so far.

 This is a good shot of the left front of the velomobile.  The double row of foam strip on the top of the body will be where the hood will be separated from the rest of the body.  I will cut between the foam strips so that hopefully I can keep everything lined up nice and straight when I want to remount the hood. 

The alignment of the framework to the chassis is looking very good as you can see from this photo.  I was going to drop the chassis another inch or so but the way it looks right now I feel that this will be unnecessary. It also will give me a little more ground clearance in not lowering the body further. The plus side to seeing just the framework on the chassis is I can see where there may be problems further on in the project.  Case in point is the rear mounts for the body to the chassis.  Once the framework is skinned and glassed it will be difficult to see and reach the rear mounts.  So I might have to look at access panels at the rear of the body that can be removed and reinstalled once the body is in place.  Just will have to take a closer look at that when I get farther along with the project.

I was concerned with the size of the wheel openings but after seeing the alignment and clearance around both wheels I am more than happy with my calculations for the design. I will have to work on some wheel covers to hide what is inside the velomobile while I drive it and also get a little more air flow around the vehicle while it is cruising along. 

This give you a good idea of what it will look like inside the vehicle.  I was also concerned about the front mount of the body to the chassis but at this point I may be able to eliminate it all together.  I think the body will be stiff enough on it's own without additional bracing.  This will eliminate a little weight in the scheme of the things to so it is a double plus in my eyes.  The turning radius for the front wheels looks good too.

The cockpit looks to be plenty roomy.  Sliding the body on to the TerraTrike was a breeze.  Now I will have to bond the mounts to the chassis so that everything is lined up properly when I get the body of the velomobile completed and it will then be a easy task to remount without a hitch.

It's been such a windy day today I did not want to take any chances with shooting photos outside but did get this great shot before I slid the TerraTrike Velomobile back into the garage.  I am very pleased with the look of the project and am looking forward to getting the body skinned with foam strips and then sanded, shaped and glassed before much cooler weather sets in.  I still will have to work on lights and a few other little accessories for the project but that all can happen later.  Until then I will sit back for the moment and catch my breath and smile from ear to ear admiring my handiwork.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I am right now.   Have a good day in your workshop too!


  1. Hi Dave!

    Congratulations to your project! Can you share more information with me? What material did you used to make the body framework?

    Andre from Brazil

    1. Hello Ave! If you go back into the blog I have the entire build of the velo document from beginning to end. Start with the post from July 2013 and start reading forward from there you will find everything that I did to construct the velo. It took me one year to complete it. A total of 600 hours work. A great project to design and build.

  2. Hi Dave, Can you use Fusion 360 to create the Ribs from the model? Any guidance is appreciated.