Saturday, October 20, 2012

Where My Inspiration Comes From?

I have often been asked over the years how I come up with the ideas and projects that I create, talk about and have shown on my site here.  This sometimes can be a difficult question to answer and at other times it is quite easy.  With that question in mind I have been creating a new Blender 3D graphic that may answer that question. Keep in mind I tend to think outside the box and this is no exception to that rule. I have  come up with another possible yet implausible  (tongue in cheek) answer to " How do you get your ideas for projects? "  This is what I came up with.  I hope it will give you a chuckle for the day.

No this photo is not real and I do not have the secret formula for instant inspiration.  Not that I don't wish that I did or that it would make me rich and famous. Bill Gates would have a run for his money if I was that kind of a genius. 
  My ideas come to me sometimes by looking at something in a different way or seeing something and thinking "What if ?"  The best I can do for anyone reading my blog is to keep on  showing you what I have come up with and hopefully it will inspire you to think outside the box for your next project. Always keep tinkering and sooner or later you'll come up with something wonderful too.

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