Saturday, October 13, 2012

Picking Up The Pieces And Moving On To The Next Project

  With all that has happened here at the Tinker's Workshop over the past week I am slowly picking up the broken, burnt, and scarred pieces to my vehicles, projects, home and life.  All of this in mind I have decided to move on and get going on another project.  Kinda of.  I have had a lot of interest in the cargo trailer project that I designed and built shown to me by other enthusiasts of such things over the few short years that I owned it.  Luckily it was documented big time in an actual book that I put together for my own library.  So to preserve the memory of this great project further and pass this information on to a much larger audience I will start posting the entire book in it's entirety page by page so it is all here for everyone to enjoy.  Not sure how long all of this will take so check in regularly and you will get a good education and hopefully a smile or two will cross your faces as you see how it all came to be and why I will miss this project now that it is gone.  Hopefully it will also inspire you to create your own trailer for your motorcycle or small car. 

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