Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two More Steps Forward On The Platform Bed Project

Another busy day here at the Tinker's Workshop working on the platform bed project.  I was able to get the staining done on the headboard riser and the outer oak lip on the platform for starters.  Here's what it looks like so far.

 I was more than happy to get this portion of the project done as I was not sure if the stain would be the proper shade.  So far I think it will be just about right.  I am more than happy with the look of the riser with the stain on it and one coat of varnish.  When it is a hot day here in the Midwest like it was today the garage is a perfect place to do this kind of work.  Keeps me out of the sun for starters and once I close up the garage it heats up like an oven which bakes the parts that I have varnished.  Speeds up the drying time for sure.

The fit and finish of the riser looks pretty good already but like a lot of projects you put effort into it's the little things that make it complete.  The problem is a lot of detail is hidden from view when the project is done. This is the case with this photo.  I could have left most of the bottom of the riser unvarnished and stained but it would bug me if I did not completed the underside of the extensions on the riser.  Personal preference in my case.  Helps me sleep nights. LOL

Here the platform oak lip assembly boards are stained and varnished with the first coat of polyurethane.  The unstained 2x4 sticking out in the photo will not be seen as it will be covered by the headboard riser when the platform bed is completely assembled. 

In this portion of the post I put together the platform base for the bed.  This is made up of pine 2x8's and 2x2's.  In this photo one of the 2x2's is glued and screwed into the end of the base center board.  This will create a mounting point for the long platform base side boards in this assembly. 

Here the platform base is laid out for assembly.  The three black painted boards will be on the outside of the assembly.  The two unpainted boards with the 2x2 blocks already attached to them will space out the remaining supports in the assembly.

Here two 3 1/2" lag bolts are used to mount a side board to the base board through a 2x2 corner block that was assembled earlier in the build.  This makes a simple, clean, and strong mount that will make it easy to pull apart should the bed have to me moved in the future.

In this shot you can see the outer frame completely assembled with additional 2x2 mounting blocks added to the headboard and foot board.  This will make alignment of the remaining 2x8 platform supports easier to install in the assembly.

Here is the the completed platform base assembly with all the components in place. The center 2x8 support  has four 2x2's mounted to it and the last four 2x8's are simply dropped into place.  If the entire assembly had been permanently glued and screwed together it would be impossible to pick up and move if the bed needed to be moved in the future.  The assembly is 49 1/2 inches wide and 84 inches long. 
  I will have to varnish the headboard riser and platform lip assemblies a couple more times before I am happy with them and then the assembly of the platform itself can start.  This will go quick as these parts are already cut and drilled for the mounting screws. Once all of this is completed the platform bed can be fully assembled and be ready to use. Then the dust can settle in the workshop for a little while and I can move back into my own bedroom again with my newly completed platform bed. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

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  1. Taking shape I love repurposing an object from a warer bed theadvoard to a platform great use