Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Platform Bed Project Is Completed!

After a very long day, and half of the night yesterday I completed work on the platform assembly for the platform bed project.  Here is the sequence of work that needed to be done.

This photo is the platform assembly separate from the base assembly where it will be mounted.  It is made up of 2x4's and wrapped on three sides with oak 1x6's.  This assembly is screwed together and is light enough for two people to move if the bed should need to be moved in the future.

These two photos show the platform mounted to the platform base.  The platform is flush at the top of the platform base and the three remaining sides overhangs each side by 6 and 1/2 inches.  

In order to keep the platform in position on the platform base four "L" brackets were screwed into the platform and base.  It would not be good to have the platform move when you tried to get into or out of the bed.  Would make for a bad start or end to your day.

Half inch plywood was mounted next to the inside of the platform using wood screws.  This plywood was placed over the entire inner surface of the platform. Also in this photo the headboard riser was put into position.  This rests on the plywood and straddles the platform frame on both sides.  It slid into place without a hitch. (Great when a plan works out.)

In this shot the new mattress and waterbed headboard were placed on the bed.  The headboard is heavy enough to just sit on the headboard riser so no screws are needed to keep it in place.  This is good but could not be done by one person as it is that heavy.  The staining I had done on the headboard riser and the platform lip parts matched perfectly with the headboard too!

Now the bed is done with completely new linen ready to be jumped into tonight!  The lighting all works again should I want to do some reading before I call it quits for the day with an exhausted body and a smile on my face.  Needless to say I will be more than happy to take at least the next couple of days off and just relax and enjoy the completion of this project.  Gives me time to recuperate and dream up my next project.  Hope you enjoyed these last few post as much as I did creating this project. 

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