Friday, July 20, 2018

Blender Motorcycle Concept Project Part 4

After taking careful measurements of the Blender motorcycle concept I have been playing with I find that the single seater looks good and that is about it.  In reality it would be way to small to actually build for real.  The cockpit is to narrow and it only stands four feet tall so there is very little headroom in it.  So back to the drawing board once again today as I scaled the body up to a more roomy size.  

Select any image to get a large view

With the larger scale of the body I increased the width of the trike body to three feet not including the rear fenders.  This in turn increased the overall height to five feet. With these changes, the width of the complete model comes in at four feet wide.  The surprising thing was that now the vehicle could easily be a two seater and it still looks good.  

With the increased overall size of the Blender model it looks to have more capacity to be used as an electric as well if and when I ever plan on building this thing for real.  Again at the least it will make a very interesting model to build with my 3D printer.  Something to think about it the future. 

As for a real vehicle I would set these images aside as inspiration for the real thing.  Like my earlier posts about such a project it would take a lot of designing and technical work to get this off the ground. The real work would be under the skin and probably all the paperwork just to get it licensed to be able to drive it down the road.  Not even to mention what kind of price tag this would come in at. A long term dream vehicle project for sure.  At least for now I can dream and play with the design and not spend a fortune in the process.