Thursday, July 19, 2018

Blender Motorcycle Concept Project Part 3

I have been showing my Blender motorcycle model concept to a lot of people over the past week and everyone thought it would be great to actually build it.  I agree that the idea of building a self-balancing electric motorcycle would be very cool but I would have to learn an awful lot to accomplish such a complex project.  This is actually being done by a company named Lit Motors. 

Lit Motors

 With that in mind I thought I would make another version of the design by modeling something a bit less complicated that is still good looking and has the capability of actually being built without having to go back to school to learn some high tech stuff in the process.  This is what I came up with.

Select any of the images for a larger view.

This design as you can see is a three wheeler which eliminates the need to have it self balancing so that's a good start for the idea.  

I still like the idea of having an actual vehicle like this to be an electric.  It would be a big challenge as this being a small vehicle it would be a job to figure out where to put enough batteries in the trike to have a decent range.  Still would be interesting to think about just the same.

In these computer images I made changes to the original design by making it a three wheeler along with going to solid styled rims instead of spokes and using car tires instead of motorcycle tires.  All in all I like this design just as much if not more than the two wheeler I modeled up in part 2.  

Not sure if I will ever attempt making this Blender model a real vehicle. Not that I think the idea would not be fun. be  It would be a HUGE project to say the least and would take a lot of design work along with a bunch of cash to get it off the ground. 

 I might at least look at making this Blender model a real 3D printed model for display or possibly even have a radio controlled version to play with.  If I take this a couple of steps farther I will pass on the progress to you if I do and let you know how it turns out.  Stay tuned as usual. 

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