Sunday, March 11, 2018

Space Patrol Pistol Project Part 3

A lot has been happening here at the workshop over the past couple of weeks so I thought it best I get everyone caught up on the Space Patrol Pistol project while I had the chance.  In the last post all of the components were getting ready to be prepped for painting.  I am happy to report that 99.9% of the painting has been completed.  So with that being said here is how that part of this project has turned out. 

Here is a collection of some of the smaller parts that needed to be painted for this project.  Starting at the upper right corner is the body collar, the nozzle ball tip, the power control dial, a chrome painted vent shield, and finally the base nozzle again in chrome paint.  Just below these part are three more sections of the nozzle (in chrome paint), the trigger (In red), and the vent ring again in red paint.  The larger "L" shaped pieces in the lower left are the pistol grip inserts and last but not least is the nozzle cup in nice bright red paint.  

Here's a very good looking shot of the pistol grip for the project.  As with all of the 3D printed parts I took my time and worked on making each part as smooth and clean as possible.  The pistol grip was no exception.  I wanted recessed areas on the grip for the red inserts and so the grip needed to be 3D printed in two parts and then bonded together.  Once I had accomplished this task it was just a matter of smoothing the part out and then priming and painting it glossy black.  I'm happy how the part turned out.  The photo above was taken after the paint had dried so it is just the look I was going for. 

With all of the parts painted I was able to take the photos shown above.  From the black ball tip of the pistol to the yellow body cap shown above you can see all of the components of the front half of the pistol.  In the black ball at the front of the tip of the gun is a 1/4-20 nut that in encased inside of the sphere.  This was accomplished by 3D printing the ball in two section and then installing the nut before epoxying the two halves together.  I really like how smooth and glossy this part turned out. Then I installed an 8.5 inch long 1/4-20 threaded rod that was inserted into the ball and tightened on to the nut.  From there all of the other components making up the front section were slid into place and finally  secured with another nut that is inside the body cap as show in the top photo.

Next in the assembly as shown above is the addition of the pistol body.  This is accomplished by sliding the two mounting arms that extend out of the body cap into the body opening.  In the arms will be two 1/4-20 nuts and then finally two chrome fasteners will hold the front section of the pistol in place through matching mounting holes on both sides of the body. 

Here are a couple of good shots of how the assembly looks with the front assembly slid into place and mated up to the body of the pistol. 

Once the front assembly is secured in place the pistol grip and it's red inserts will be joined together. The grip and the other miscellaneous components till be mounted on to the body of the pistol at this point.  I still need to do a little detail painting on the extruded spaceship that is on the body yet.  Once this is completed final assembly will be the last task before I can sign off on this project and call it good.  So far things have progressed very will with all of the paining of the parts so I can breath a little easier at this point.  

I have a stand for the pistol designed and will have to 3D print the parts for it in the next couple of days so I can have a simple way of showing off the new Space Patrol pistol properly when I have it finally completed. It will be a nice addition to the first space pistol that I did some weeks back.  I'll be sure to post additional photos about this project in the final installment of this project very soon.  Until then I hope your latest project is working out as well as this one has so far for me. 

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