Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Space Patrol Pistol Part 4...... It's Done!

I am very happy to report that I put the finishing touches on my Space Patrol pistol yesterday.  Now I just have to work on a simple little stand for it so that I can show it off properly.  With that being said I also did not want to wait another week to get the stand done just to show it off to my faithful readers like you here on the blog.  So here you go!

This project was challenging like most of my projects usually are and I always learn a few new things along the way.  The little embossed spaceship image on the side of the pistol is a perfect example.  I had never created this type of detail before on any of my projects but the effort was worth the end result. I had to use a micro-brush (aka...a very very tiny paint brush) to get the gloss black paint put on correctly. It took a slow steady hand to get it painted correctly so that was something new for sure. 

The painting of the yellow body for the pistol took some time as well.  Mainly prepping it so that it was smooth enough to paint and then laying down at least a half dozen very light coats of paint so that I did not have any runs in it when I was finished.  I really like the fact that the body of the pistol was 3D printed in two pieces and then bonded together.  Then it was a matter of making it look like it was just one piece instead of two with a seam.  Lots of sanding and prep work paid off with this very smooth looking shape.

Also nice is the little features that are on the pistol like the power control display and knob and the chrome and red heat vent.  This along with the red inserts on the pistol grip tie everything together. 

 The front section of the pistol with the red cup shape and the colored plexiglass disks also worked out very well and painting the silver parts were some of the easier pieces to create in this project. 

 I had to take one more shot of the pistol with me holding it to give you a much better idea of how large this 50's style space gun really is.  Something that would fit into any old SciFi movie to be sure. It will look good on my book shelf once I get the stand worked out for it.  Hope you've enjoyed the posts about the progress I've made on this project over the past few weeks.  I know I have had another successful build that I will be proud to show off once again.

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