Friday, June 24, 2016

1967 Triumph GT6 Blender Model Is Completed!

I was stuck all day long waiting for some work to be done at my house so I slugged my way through the final details of my 1967 Triumph GT6 model I have been working on.  I didn't get my housework done or even started today and that's another story all in itself but the good news is that I am proud to show off my latest car modeling effort with these current computer images.  Before I show you my latest Blender model I want to show you what my real 1967 Triumph looked like first.

This is what my little car looked like. I owned it for 18 years and had a lot of fun driving it and getting it into the shape that you see here.  This was the 1967 Triumph GT6 MK1.  It had a 2000cc engine with a top speed of around 112 mph.  It could corner like it was on rails.  A blast to drive.  With that being said here is my latest Blender model of this car.

I couldn't resist continuing to experiment with my GT6 model so below are a couple more images that I set up as a racing version.  A bit of work but I like the effect just as well as the street version above.

(Click on the images for a larger view.)

I am very pleased with my latest car modeling effort.  This will make another fine addition to my Blender portfolio and now is another car I can scratch off my Blender modeling bucket list.  Enjoy.

I also wanted to pass along to those of you who would like to model some cars in Blender this following link.

I received a couple of very nice email from Christopher Plush who creates this training DVD and he informed me that an updated version of the DVD will be coming out some time this year.  It will have additional information on creating Blender car models that was not in the version I started with.  So keep you eye out for it.  It's helped me out a lot with the car you see here for sure.


  1. Very excellent work Dave! Thx also for the training link. I'll be honest, I thought you did the black car in Blender and Photoshopped it into a photo at first... Lol How's the Cap America Sphere Chair? Any manufacturing offers?

    1. Hi Phil,
      Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the comment about my Blender GT6 modeling. Lots of fun to create. The Captain America ball chair project is still progressing as I am still working on prepping all the parts for painting. A long and slow process to get everything just right. Once this is completed then I can start final assembly. No manufacturing offers as of yet. I think most everyone following the project is as anxious to see the end result as I am. I'll post the final result when I get to the end of the project but it will be a while yet.