Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Still A Learning Experience With The Captain America Ball Chair Project Pt. 18

I got a chuckle over this past week while continuing work on the Captain America ball chair project.  I will get into this in a little bit but first a few stats on where I am on the project.  Currently the hours have risen to 381 total hours on the project.  The good news is that I am nearing or at least seeing the end coming near with each phase of the construction being completed.   
  This post is about the installation of the ventilation system for the chair and how that all went.  With that sorted out I am only looking at getting the wiring for this system, the lights and the speaker system installed.  I think this will go pretty smoothly but I thought the same thing about installing the ventilation system so what do I know?   Let me explain and get on with that now.

Here is a shot of one of the fittings mounted to the underside of one of the interior wedges for the ball chair.  On the left side of the picture you can see the cut-out that I needed to make so that the hose for this vent would fit nicely underneath of the next wedge in the assembly.

A couple more shots of the same vent setup.  The top photo show you what the vent will look like once it is mounted into the chair.  The vent works like what you find in an average automobile.  The air flows out of the vent and it can be turned so that you can direct the flow in any direction you desire.   All the parts for the vent were 3D printed and it went together very smoothly and should do the job nicely.  The bottom photo is the vent again at another angle on the back side of the mount.

In these next shots you can see a few more accessories that are mounted into the left most upper wedge for the chair.  The black circular shape is an 8" speaker for the sound system. Below that is the vent that I just described and to the right of the vent is the control panel for the lights that will be in the chair along with the on-off switch for the ventilation system. 

Here is how the wedges will look once mounted into the ball chair.  Now about the chuckle I mentioned earlier .   In the photo above everything looks great..... almost.  After taking this shot I had to laugh because I had accidentally placed the opening for the vent system on this side of the chair in a spot that simply will not work.  The vent tube that I showed you earlier is connect to the vent and then moves downward as you see it in this photo..... right through the amplifier for the sound system.  So modifications needed to be made immediately to eliminate this problem.  Something I missed on my computer layout.

In this photo you can see the ventilation assembly mounted into the ball chair now in it's proper location.  Just below the inner vent on the right of the picture you can see the original mounting location.   The new location runs the tube under the adjacent wedges and finally ends up with the fan assembly located just underneath the center seat wedge.  I still will need to cut a large hole in the base of the chair to allow fresh air to be drawn into the chair and have a power cord coming in to run all the accessories.  But as I said I just had to laugh at seeing the vent in the wrong location and since it was a quick and easy fix to relocate the vent and re-glass the unused mounting holes I was happy to have it all work out. 

So with this all sorted out the tasks that need to be completed to finish the Captain America ball chair project comes down to setting up the wiring, padding and covering all of the wedges for the finished interior and sanding and painting of the exterior.  Then finally put it all together one more time and calling it done.  The light at the end of this project is getting closer and looking a lot brighter.  I'll keep you up to date on all of this so stay tuned for more posts about this big fun project.

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