Monday, May 16, 2016

Captain America Ball Chair Part # 19.......Priming Parts..... Finally.

Hello Everyone!  The past couple of days finally has give me good weather to get at the sanding that I needed to do on the main parts of the Captain America ball chair.  I wanted to keep this portion of the work for the project out of my shop simply because it is a lot easier to deal with all of the dust and dirt that goes along with it.  This plus the fact that it's great to be working outside one again after a long cold winter. So this is my post today just to show you what I have been up to on this big project.

I am more than happy to be at this point with the project.  Today was close to 70 degrees or so and  doing the major sanding on the five main parts of the chair plus get them primed is a big plus.  I laid out a large plastic tarp in my back yard and sprayed the parts with gray primer.  After an hour of so I flipped the parts over and sprayed the sections of the parts that needed to be painted and I could not paint on the first pass. 

It's nice to see the parts in at least primer at this point.  Just a bit different than the foam an fiberglass that I have been looking at over the past number of months.  The primer I feel is the first step to getting a nice surface for paint.  Once I get the first coat on then I can start wet sanding the pieces.  The primer helps me see the flaws on the surface.  This helps a lot and I will have to sand and prime the parts over and over again until I am content with the prep work and finally declare them ready for a nice glossy coat of paint. So the work continues just like the other large projects that I've worked on over the years.  It's fun, frustrating, challenging, and satisfying all at the same time.

Along with this project another smaller project has been hatched in my brain.  This being a matching stool that will go along with the chair.  The image above is what I put together in Fusion 360 and plan on having the stool look like. It will be a nice addition to the chair and will be much simpler to build than the chair so that will be a really good thing after all the work that has gone into this project.
  But I will not start the Captain America foot stool until the chair is completed and sitting in my living room.  Something simpler for another day in the shop.  Once I do get all the chair parts painted all I'll post it and the final construction of the chair.  I'm at the point now of changing the parts from looking kind of ugly to making them look pretty.  A lot of work is between those two descriptions of the same parts.  All part of the process.  Stay tuned for more pretty pictures.

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