Monday, March 14, 2016

Captain America Ball Chair Pt. 13.... Amplifier Enclosure

Todays post for the Captain America ball chair project covers the design and construction of the enclosure that I will need to mount the amplifier for the speaker system that I have planned.  This part of the project took me some time to figure out as well as construct and it still has some work to be done before I can call it completed.  Even with saying that I wanted to show you what I did manage to get put together yesterday on this portion of the project.

Pictured above are some good images of the little amplifier that will power my speakers for the ball chair.  The amplifier is around 5" x 5.5" x 1.5" in size so it is very compact and will fit nicely into the confined space that I have planned for it in the chair.   The enclosure that the amplifier shows in these photos looks good and is useful in mounting in a car or for home use on a shelf but caused me a lot of concern in figuring out how to mount it into this project.   So I decided to remove the black outer metal case and design my own setup.


In the inside of the ball chair will be six wedge shaped pieces one of which is as shown above.  I figured the easiest way to mount the amplifier was to add a small pod on the inside of one of these wedges so that I could have easy access to the controls of the amp.  In the lower image to the left side of the mounting pod face you will see a small port.  This port is the connection that I will plug into to be able to use my iPad so that I can listen to music or a movie while relaxing in the chair.  You could also plug in an iPod or something similar so that is the general idea. The enclosure for the amplifier needs to be able to be mounted inside of the outer pod and the metal case the amp came with just would not do.
This is the new enclosure that I finished 3D printing late last night.  The enclosure has a face plate that is bolted to the new housing with the amp mounted inside.  The face of the ball chair pod for the amp will be sandwiched in between the amp's face plate and it's housing to secure it into place. This was a much simpler setup than trying to use the metal case that the amp had come with.

    Just to get the amp enclosure 3D printed was a big enough job in itself as it took around six hours to print so I am happy that it turned out and the design looks like it will work. The image above give you a good idea of the space that is needed to have access to the housing once it is in place.  This will make it an easy task then to hook all the connections up and get it running without running into some kind of interference problems trying to route wiring where I want it to be.  
  Once I do get the pod and the wedge piece constructed and assembled with the new amplifier it is a simple matter of connecting the speakers and power to make it functional.  I've already set this up on my work bench at it is an easy task and works perfectly.  Now all I have to do is cross the "T"'s and dot the "I"s so to speak to make it all happen.  Another piece of the puzzle figured out and one step closer to finishing this project.

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