Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blender Triumph GT6 Model Progress

Today looked like a good day to buckle down and get back to work on my Blender Triumph GT6 modeling once again.  The weather here didn't convince me that I should be outside so it was a good plan from the start. 

Like the other Blender car models that I've worked on this one is not much different in it's construction.  The blueprint layout of the sides, front, back and top help a great deal to keep things moving along but like the other cars I've worked on the blueprints are far from perfect so I have to kind of read between the lines when it comes to putting a model like this together to make all the panel and parts look right in the model.  

The door panels went together very quick which is nice to see.  The parts of the car in red are what I have completed so far and are fitting together pretty well. The wheels are complete other than the brake drums.  One of which is in place on the front wheel in the image above. This makes it look a little more complete so it gives you a good idea of where I'm going with this model. Lot of little details make up a model like this and it's usually the little things that make the model more complete in the long run.

Here you can see how the model is laid out to match the side view of the car.  This side view I felt is the most accurate and so it is my main guide to model the GT6.  

This image gives you a much better idea of how the car will look once it is properly rendered with decent lighting.  The wheels here really look good with the lighting which is just a sample of what can be done with this Blender model. So at this point I am still playing around with the lighting and the floor and a million other things going on in my mind while it (the model) is coming together.  
Even though I am nowhere near completing this model I am encouraged that it is finally taking shape and starting to look like the car I once owned.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll have it mostly put together.  A labor or love to be sure as I owned this car for 18 years.  It was my baby and so I just had to take the time to put the model together in 3D.  Enjoy.  More  posts about this project as I get farther along with it. 

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