Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wipebook..... A Great Product That Saves Money, Clutter And Paper!

This week I received an email from Frank Bouchard from a company named Wipebook.  I have one of their products sitting on my desk as I write this post and am happy to say that I will never be without it again.   The Wipebook is a notebook that works like a whiteboard.  You know the whiteboard that you probably used in your school or may have hanging in your house.  For us old guys like me I was stuck using a chalkboard. (Whiteboards weren't invented yet.)  Anyway the Wipebook is a great product and if you have not seen or heard anything about them this is why I am posting about it today.
Unlike an ordinary notebook where you write in it, fill it up, and then throw it away the Wipebook is a dry erase notebook that you write in it and can easily erase what you wrote down and never have to use it up.  I have used my Wipebook for many months now and would be lost without it while working on all the projects that I design and work on here at the workshop.  I have notes, drawings, calculations, phone numbers and sketches that I use during a project and when I am done I can easily erase what I don't need or want anymore and start all over again. 
The secret to the Wipebook is the special coating on the pages that allow you to write on them using dry erase pens as shown above.  Wipebook has these pen on their website that I have linked to at the bottom of this post. I have also just learned that they have a new improved coating for their books that is even easier to erase.
Wipebooks come in a variety of sizes.  This is their smallest product called the Workbook. It ranges in sizes from 3.5" x 5.5" up to 8.5" x 11" and has 10 pages in it. This is the least expensive of the Wipebooks at only $6.00!

Shown above is their largest Wipebook called the Journal which is a very stylish hardbound book (5.8" x 8.25" 48 pages) that would surely dress up anyone's desk in their home or office. In between these two products are a number of other products that you can choose from varying in size, color and price.  

I currently am using one of the early Wipebooks named Wipebook 2.0.  This book is 8.5" x 11" and has 25 sheets or 50 pages (however you want to call it) that I have yet to fill.  Mainly because it is so easy to erase what I no longer need. I have pages I have never even written on yet and I have had the book since Wipebook first came out on Kickstarter, the funding site.  This product is now called simply as "The Notebook". So here is the link to the Wipebook site.  Check it out and get one for your office or workshop.  You'll be saving money in the long run with a bunch of trees along the way by not constantly writing on paper that you end up throwing out. Just do it. You'll be glad you did. 


  1. Do the pages smudge the content at all from carrying the thing around or other handling?

    How about the issue where it is difficult to completely erase content after it has been there for some time? This seems to be an issue raised in several of the review comments on their website but I didn't see any response to this criticism.

    1. Hello Eric,
      The pages do not smudge the content at all. I have had notes, drawings etc. on my Wipebook for weeks or longer. If I write or draw something it can easily be erased a couple of days after writing it. If I leave something in the book for weeks and I want to erase it easier I simple take a soft cloth and wet it down with isopropyl alcohol that you can get at any drugstore. With this the pages clean up very well without any struggle. So my Wipebook is constantly being used and I am a big fan of it and what it can do.