Saturday, February 13, 2016

Parts, Parts, and More Parts

Just a quick update today on the Captain America ball chair project. I just finished another marathon session of 3D printing last night for the project with the inner wedge mount assemblies that I spoke of in my last post. I needed eighteen of these small assemblies and it took 100 minutes to print just one of them.  Total time to print and assemble all eighteen assemblies took 31.5 hours.  Not a difficult task luckily but I am happy this portion of the project has turned out as well as it did.  Not that I am looking forward to doing more of the boring tasks in this project like sanding for hours on end but it is just a little bit more rewarding to know that another step in this project has been successfully completed.  In reality I simply had to load up my 3D printer with the part files and print one part (one hour), print another part (40 minutes) and repeat that process 18 times over three days. So I got a lot of movie watching in or other design tasks ironed out while the parts were being cranked out. Multi-tasking at it's easiest to be sure.
   I will not bore you with the details once again on where these little assemblies are used in the project as I covered all of that in my last post.  So go back one post if you really want to know what these spool like assemblies are and where they will be used in this project.  Total number of hours for the ball chair project has now risen to 139.5 hours and counting.
  Anyway I thought you' d like to get the latest update along with a look at all my hard work first hand. Have a good one and stay tuned for further progress.

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