Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mini Cooper Logo Sign Video Part 3

Today again I am happy to post about the third installment video of the Mini Cooper logo sign that I completed a few days ago.  In this video I cover the process of cutting a dome shape into a circular disk of Styrofoam using a hand held hot wire bow and a simple wooden jig.  I also demonstrate how to install mounting blocks into the foam using fiber glass resin and a micro-balloon mixture to create a putty so that screws can be inserted into the fiber glassed part to make it strong enough hang up the sign when it is completed. 

 Lastly I will show you how to mix and apply fiber glass resin and cloth to the parts of the sign using the West System aircraft grade epoxy and resin.  So this 20 minute video has a lot of information in it for you that will give you a good understanding of how to make practically any fiber glass composite project easily in your own workshop.  Enjoy!

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