Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Spark Of Inspiration Using Blender 3D

With a fresh layer of snow in my drive way this morning I find it much more inviting to stay indoors and play on my computer than to shovel and snow blow the white stuff.  I am not a big fan of winter and am more than happy to be looking toward spring and warm weather.  With all of that in mind I just thought I would post my latest creation that I put together using Blender 3D.  I am constantly thinking of the saying...."What if....."  A lot of my projects start out that way and with this Blender 3D model it just kind of fell into place when I created it.  

This computer image is of a futuristic shuttle craft.  It all started while I was playing around using Blender one night.  I started with the simple shape of a cube.  Hard to believe that what you see here started out that way but honestly that is what happened.  I kept changing the shape and slowly this emerged from the simple cube.  Kind of like a sculptor slowly chipping away at a piece of stone and seeing something that a few minutes earlier had been nothing that even looked remotely like the end result.

Once the shuttle had emerged and the whole idea started to take shape I knew I needed to add more detail into the computer model to finish what I had started.  Rocket engines, landing gear, doors, windows, interior and the list continued on for hours. Amazingly the fuselage of the shuttle is made up of only one piece.  Seamless in fact. 

 I'm rather proud of my latest Blender 3D effort even if it is just pretty picture as my brother would call it.  Imagine if this image was for example a real live radio controlled model.  Modifications would need to be made for sure to make it fly but the concept is a great starting spot.    Or on a grander scale an actual aircraft!  All things that are created have to start with a spark of inspiration and this as good a spark as any for something much more than just a pretty picture. Something to think about for future endeavors. 

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