Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Velomobile Body Looks Great In Primer!

After having spent the last week or better prepping the body of the velomobile for painting, I finally completed the first round of applying primer to the body.  I was so amazed how just this step in the project had changed the look of the velo that I had to take these photos to show the world how it turned out. 

The body at this point looks absolutely perfect.  But I will do a lot more prep work to get it as close to perfection as I can before laying down the final paint.  Lots of hidden flaws yet to correct to get to that point.

The distance from the camera to the velo here is around eight feet or more so the little imperfections are hidden from view.  I would have to be really close up at this point to show you all that needs to be corrected to get the body where I want it to be for paint. 

I still have a lot of prep work to do to finish the inside of the velo yet so I will leave the body in primer for now until this work has been completed.  Then I will paint the interior gray just to finish it off and it will not as likely show the dirt as bad as say being painted white.  The interior will not be near as smooth as the exterior as there is really no need.  Just as long as I don't have any really rough edges in the interior I will be happy with that part of the project.

I am still trying to figure out the final paint scheme for the velo and am still working on the final colors that I will use for it.  I want it as bright as possible so that I will be seen easily going down the road.  Even in primer it will stand out pretty much just due to it's different shape compared to a car.  But a nice bright color will help it not blend into the background and make it that much safer to go riding in it.

The wheels have been completed and mounted to the main frame of the velo.  The silver paint stands out nicely even in these photos so once I have color on the body they will really look good.

Here's a good close look at what the windshield will look like once it has been installed.  I slid my temporary windshield in place just for these photos and saved the good windshield for the final assembly.  The look is the same but at least this windshield will not take any hurt if it is scratched or scuffed.  
  Lots of work still ahead for this project but this step in the process has really boosted the look of the velo at this point for sure.  I'll keep you all up to date as things progress as usual.  Enjoy the photos.

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