Thursday, April 10, 2014

Velomobile Parts Are Being Primed And Painted!

Today has been a good day at the Tinker's Workshop with the first coat of primer and paint finally being applied to some of the parts for the velomobile project.  I like this part of any fiber glassing project as it will help me get even closer to a nice smooth surface for final paint after I sand on it a bit more.

Here once again is a photo of the hood for the velomobile before primer is applied.  It looks nice and smooth but in actuality it has many flaws yet which the primer will reveal when I start sanding on the part again.  

Here the hood has the first coat of primer sprayed on it.  Already the look is a vast improvement over what it looked like before it was sprayed.  The shiny spot that you see on the right side of the part is only that way because the primer was still wet when I shot this photo.   More sanding and primer will be done next until I am happy with the result and I can start putting on the final coats of paint.

The next parts that were on my list for primer and paint today was the fiber glass wheel covers that will be on the velomobile.  These will cover up the wheel openings and make the  velomobile that much more streamlined.   Here is a shot of one of the covers on one of the front wheels to show you how it will look when mounted.   The shape is exactly what I want for the velomobile but in this shot has not been primed or painted yet.  

Here is one of the wheel covers after a couple of coats of primer and bright silver paint have been applied.  This will make a really nice looking wheel cover when mounted on the velomobile.  The texture of the fiber glass cloth is a nice touch that I had not even considered when I was making the part. 
  I have the body of the velomoile just about ready for primer and will post updates on it's progress when I get that far along with it.  Check back again soon as I hope this portion of the project will be ready in the next week or so.  Happy Tinkering!

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