Monday, January 27, 2014

Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering Cookbook Review

A few weeks ago I was asked to review the new Blender Cycles: Lighting and Rendering Cookbook pictured above from the Packt Publishing company. The following is my review of this book.

 After having worked my way through several of the first chapters of this book I have found it difficult at times to follow the instructions that are in it.  I have been using Blender for many years now and the instructions though well intended fall short at times with miss direction, missing information, or just a plain over assumption of knowledge and terminology to accomplish a procedure.  Either directions do not match illustrations, or information and files are missing to complete the steps needed to finish a project. Only with repeated efforts to complete steps on single projects was I able to finish the projects that I attempted to create.  The results were very good with this effort but would have been more rewarding had there been more precise, accurate information and illustrations to go along with the information given.  I looked forward to learning new things using Blender 3D and enjoying the process along the way.  Instead I found it to be a struggle just to get through the first couple of chapters because of the manner in which the information was presented.  This is definitely not a book for a first time user to create anything using Blender.  If you have no knowledge of Blender 3D basics this book will be of no use to you.  Even if you have used Blender for a number of years as I have be prepared to start learning all over again….. slowly and not easily.

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